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Part Two of how I lost $5,500 on the Internet

It all started with a call I received from a company called Turn Key Internet Solutions, LLC The young lady mentioned to me that somehow she had heard that I was interested in starting an online Internet business. She also mentioned that for as little as $500 that I could be up and running within 30 days. I asked her what was the catch, she said there is none and I without thinking said yes, grabbed my credit card and gave away $500.

Rule #2 – Haste makes waste
I consider myself very savvy and a very frugal person when it comes to money. But if I had taken an extra day, hell an extra hour, I would have easily seen the Red Flags associated with this company. For one, this company had no track record, good or bad…nothing. I checked Google, Yahoo, Ask and others, not a thing. That should have been a major red flag to me and I should have begun proceeding with caution.

However, sometime later, but after the fact, I began finding complaints on the Better Business Bureau website about companies with similar names in the same geographical area (see links below):

Turn-Key Systems Inc Turn Key Solutions Inc Turn Key Advertising Turnkey New Concepts

These companies had major complaints filed against them. But of course, I being the optimist still felt that my situation was going to be different. I was going to be in control of the process, boy was I wrong.

Next time… Enter Ashley Sears and Advertising Unlimited, LLC