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E-Mail Speak

BTW - by the way
BRB - be right back
TYVM -thank you very much
YW - you're welcome
LOL- laughing out loud
L8R - later
NRN - no reply necessary
SOS - same old stuff

AYPI? - and your point is?
ATM - at the moment
BAC - back at computer
B4 - before
BBFN - bye bye for now
BC - be cool
GMTA - great minds think alike
HTH - hope this helps
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Cheap Printer Cartridges: How to Save Money
Lucy Gateris

While most companies spend huge amounts on ink, there are solutions for cheap printer cartridges. The price of printers has declined drastically over the past decade. However, the same can not be said for printer cartridges. This leads most firms to try to economise by purchasing the cheapest printer cartridges, which may not be a good idea. So, resist the urge to buy really cheap printer ink cartridges because you could end up spending much more in the longer term.

This does not mean you can not save money. In fact, here are some tips on how you can save money, without sacrificing quality:

Buy in large quantities: Purchasing printer cartridges in bulk can save you money.

Use inkjet printers: Inkjet cartridges use less ink than laser toner cartridges, saving you money in the long run.

Purchase a compatible cartridge: Ensure that you buy a compatible toner cartridge or inkjet cartridge. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) cartridges are usually made by the same company that manufactures printers. They may be made by other companies using OEM specifications. These printer cartridges would be completely compatible with your printer.

Check out schemes and discounts: Some online stores offer you discounts and special schemes, which may be as good as buying cheap printer cartridges. Online store www.cartridgeshop.co.uk offers a wide range of OEM cartridges (such as Brother, Cannon, Epson, HP, Panasonic, OKI, Samsung, Kodak and Xerox) at the most reasonable prices.

About the Author
Lucy Gateris is an expert on the printing industry and recommends using www.cartridgeshop.co.uk for all your cheap printer cartridges requirements. Lucy Gateris may be contacted at http://www.cartridgeshop.co.uk. Click here to view more articles by Lucy Gateris.

Reprinted with Permission from IdeaMarketers.com, your source for free content.